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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I send previous films and reports to a new doctor?2020-02-19T14:14:11-06:00

With your written authorization, film copies, or a CD, will be sent to your new doctor. Your new doctor’s office can do this for you with your written authorization. They will call and ask us to pull your films and send them via mail or by courier to their office. You may also pick up your films. A release form will need to be filled out at that time.

What happens when patients want copies of their films and/or reports?2020-02-19T14:14:48-06:00

We keep original exam images and reports. Most Physicians have access via web to view the images and report. Others will receive copies of patient images on film or a CD. We can provide patients and providers with their exam report and images. In any legal matters, an attorney may obtain copies of medical records directly from us with a written patient authorization.

You may obtain a copy of your medical record by completing a release form and mailing it to:

Open Air Imaging Center
7400 Wallace Blvd
Amarillo, TX 79106

Does the patient need pre-authorization from his or her insurance provider?2020-02-19T14:12:15-06:00

Some plans do require pre-authorization. Patients should check with their insurance provider or benefits administrator to see if this is necessary. We can assist in this process where applicable.

What do patients need to bring to their appointment to facilitate the payment process?2020-02-19T14:06:15-06:00

Complete insurance information should be brought to the appointment including patient’s insurance card, ID and group number, Medicare card or Medicaid card. In addition, Worker’s Compensation claims, automobile injuries should bring their claim number, date of injury and the name and address of their attorney or insurance carrier. Co-payment is required at the time of service. A discount is given on exams not claimed with insurance and paid in full at time the of service.

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